Pregnant mum left injured and bleeding after wild boar attack in Singapore

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A wild boar attack in Singapore left a pregnant mum bleeding and severely injured. The mum was attacked from behind without any provocation...

A pregnant mum was injured recently in a wild boar attack in Singapore. The ordeal left her bleeding, with deep cuts on her back, arms, and legs.

“Only when I was knocked to the ground did I realise that it was a big wild boar,” says 32-year-old mum Alice Ng.

Wild Boar Attack in Singapore

The accident happened on 28 August 2018, at Punggol, near Punggol Secondary School, where Alice works as administrator.

Alice told Lianhe Wanbao that she was attacked from behind, “I was listening to music on my earphones and I did not feel anything amiss before the incident.

“A strong force then knocked me down from behind. Only when I was knocked to the ground did I realise that it was a big wild boar.”

There was no provocation on Alice’s part, but the boar kept charging at her, and bit her repeatedly, tearing her blouse, and wounding her on the back.

By then, the victim was too shocked and in pain, and lacked the strength to flee. Thankfully, a cyclist used his bike to protect her and scare the animal away. Two Punggol Secondary students also rushed to the scene and used a rubbish bin lid to help the cyclist. Another passer-by called for an ambulance.

wild boar attack in Singapore


Alice was immediately taken to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) for treatment.

The wild boar later entered the nearby Waterbay executive condominium, where security guards trapped it in the bin centre. It was then tranquillised and captured.

Alice is now concerned about children in nearby schools, “Now I’m worried that there will be danger for the students at Punggol Secondary School.

“There is also a pre-school opposite and if the young children were attacked, the consequences would be unimaginable.”


Source: The Straits Times

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