Dragon Baby 2012: Why you should have one

Dragon Baby 2012: Why you should have one

Surely you have heard the hype about having a Dragon baby this year. In all cultures, the dragon is a mythical creature— mostly feared because of their deadly ability to breathe fire and extinguish life. But the Chinese believe otherwise. Find out why you should have a Dragon Baby and learn about the traits of the 2012 Water Dragon Baby.

Dragon baby - Feng Shui and Chinese zodiac

Why Feng Shui and Chinese zodiac tells you to have a Dragon baby

In all cultures, the dragon is a mythical creature—feared because of their deadly ability to breathe fire and extinguish life altogether. However in Chinese culture, the Dragon happens to be the most powerful and auspicious sign representing new beginnings, strong energy and is a fiery force that keeps life. Dragons have a warm heart and that makes their “fire” palatable. Babies born in the year of the Dragon are believed (in Chinese culture) to be all-knowing and influential. In fact, extraordinarily gifted little children are referred to as “Dragon children”—even if they are born in other years.

In the Chinese Zodiac, there are 5 elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth) and babies arriving in 2012 will be Water Babies. Do take note that babies born before February 4, 2012 are not Water Dragon Babies, they are Metal Rabbit Babies—even though Chinese New Year 2012 actually starts on the January 23rd.

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What are the traits of the Water Dragon Baby?

Breathing fire for one! No, we are only kidding. Expect high energy, perky alertness and a great enthusiasm when it comes to learning skills. Hey, your baby may just grow up to be a great leader (even at an early age)—and what mother does not what their kid to reach for the stars? Plus, because these babies are likely to have a compassionate and sociable nature, they integrate into any group quite easily.

Dragon Babies have an inner strength, which may cause them to be rather unpredictable and inconsistent in their early development. So parents, be prepared for a ride of your life because it just may take on an exciting turn, so be flexible even if you may have rigid and fixed plans on how to raise this exceptional child.

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Great news, your child may never be bullied or stepped on as they usually have a great might and a strong sense of self. This simply means that during their development, they should be able to effortlessly find solutions and even cultivate a strong will if they are not being heard.

Last but not least, since the water element in Feng Shui relates to wealth, the arrival of Water Dragon Babies equals to monetary gains. So, ask yourself…why not? What are you waiting for? If you want a Dragon Baby…better start crackin’—if you know what we mean [wink].

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