Why Wendy Jacobs thinks emptying your plate is important

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Find out how you can help the needy in Singapore by emptying your plate, and what Wendy Jacobs has to say about this.

Food galore in Singapore

Food galore in Singapore

Singapore is undeniably a foodie nation. We are blessed with a melting pot of cultures, resulting in great cuisine from all over the world – from our street stalls Hainanese chicken rice to our Michelin starred restaurants, Singapore has got it covered.

Food to Singaporeans, is not just a means of survival, it is a way of life.

But when you cook or when you eat out with your family, do you consider how much food you are actually wasting? According to the National Environment Agency, 788,600 tonnes of food was wasted in Singapore in 2014. That’s equivalent to weight of 108 full load double-decker buses in a day.

Electrolux, a leading home appliance brand recently conducted a survey that was very telling of Singaporean’s eating habits – while the majority of Singaporeans over-order, over-buy or over-cook routinely (51%), almost one third refuse to eat leftovers.

To raise awareness of these eating habits, Electrolux kickstarted a campaign called #happyplatesg, a community initiative inspired to raise awareness of food waste in Singapore, one plate at a time, with Wendy Jacobs as the ambassador.

Wendy is not only a gorgeous model hailing from South Africa, she is also married to Singapore’s favourite football son Fandi Ahmad and they have a brood of five.

theAsianParent had the opportunity to speak to Wendy about her role in this campaign.

With the ever affable and gorgeous Wendy Jacobs

With the ever affable and gorgeous Wendy Jacobs

Why did you choose to take up this role?

As a mother of 5 and a family of 7, we do waste, we do over cook, we do overbuy. This campaign made me take a step and think about the food that we waste and how we can cut back on this wastage.

My kids are kids who will eat anything but we were cooking too much of what they wanted. I used to think leftovers for one day was okay but more than that and I would have thrown it away.

What are some tips you can offer Singaporean families in order for them to waste less?

What we do now, is we cook one big luncheon, which is our main meal. Then whatever is left over from lunch, that is dinner, and we add to that. So we cook things that can keep – things like pasta, chicken curry, less of foods like bee hoon and salads.

Read on to see what else Wendy has to say about this campaign.

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