Why toddlers don’t take NO for an answer

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Ever wonder why you have to keep repeating yourself like a broken record when telling your toddler NO! There is a scientific explanation to this. Find out about your toddler's behaviour now.

Toddler behavior

Do you understand toddler behavior and why he keeps making the same mistakes?

Toddler behaviour: Infantile amnesia

According to a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Dr Paul Frankland, infantile amnesia is caused by the extremely fast development of nerve cells in a part of the brain that registers events and records them as memories—the hippocampus. Due to an “overload” in the hippocampus when forming new neurons, the “filing” takes a back seat.

What this means, basically, is that the memory for skills develop faster than the memory for facts. Your toddler is too busy learning new skills that his brain forgets, or leaves out the countless times you’ve told him ‘no’ to something.

Go easy on your tykes, they’re doing their best at learning and developing. Be patient and gently reiterate your message to them – it isn’t like they’re doing it on purpose!

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