Why I decided to bank my child’s cord blood

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I'll do anything to ensure that my sons have a healthy, happy and successful life. Which is why I made the decision to bank their cord blood. With so much advancement in stem cell research, I wanted to make sure that my sons will be able to benefit from the progress in medical science should they ever need it in the future. Read my story about how and why I banked my sons’ cord blood.

Like most mums-to-be, I wanted to give the best to my baby.

During my first pregnancy, I eagerly read everything I could to find information regarding the various things I could do to benefit my baby. I was also taking the right vitamins, getting enough exercise and was just busy baby-proofing the house.

I wanted my son to have a healthy and safe start in life and make sure that he had all the opportunities the world had to offer.

I'm an obsessive researcher. Once I have decided that something needs to be done, I'll read, Google, talk to people and find out all that I can about it. This way I am assured that I have done my best and made the right decision.

I believe that stem cell research will continue to make advancements that could save our children's lives in the future.

Coming across cord blood banking

Halfway through my pregnancy, I came across a brochure on cord blood banking while I was sitting in my doctor’s waiting room during my monthly prenatal visit.

"Now what the heck is cord blood banking?" I thought to myself.

My interest was piqued and I just had to find out more.

After spending some time researching and reading medical websites online, I decided that cord blood banking was definitely something that I needed to do to safeguard my son.

While it was still in its early stages in Singapore back then, my personal research convinced me that stem-cell research, much like all other scientific discoveries, would only continue to make advancements.

As far as I was concerned, this was a once in a lifetime chance. The cord blood had to be extracted minutes after my baby was born via a painless and risk-free procedure. There would be no second chance.

My husband was skeptical about cord blood banking at first, but I managed to sound him out.

I explained to him that banking our son’s cord blood was an absolute necessity as it could possibly save his life should something happen to him (God forbid) in the future. In fact, I also shared with him that there’s a higher chance of finding a match within the same family, and his cord blood could potentially even save our lives.

While I hope that I’ll never need to use my son’s cord blood, it offers me much assurance knowing that I’ve got this precious medical resource stored just in case. What’s the price of this assurance you might ask? Let’s just say that some of us may be guilty of spending more on a good meal than the annual cost required to bank our child’s cord blood.

I may come across as an overprotective mum, but when it comes to ensuring a healthy life for her child, which mother won’t do all that she can?

So how did I choose a cord blood bank and what was my experience like? Click on the next page to find out.

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