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Friso’s LockNutri technology preserves milk nutrients so digestion is easy for your little one. Brought to you by Friso.

Many mums know that happy babies come with good digestion. Indigestion can happen to anyone of us, and even more so to gentle, newborn tummies. While most of us are familiar with the symptoms of indigestion, it is not always apparent why babies get indigestion. Hence it is important to recognise the signs and causes of indigestion in babies, and make sure it does not happen to yours.

Why babies get indigestion?

Tiny tummies are extremely gentle and sensitive. Indigestion happens when they are not able to break down the nutrients that they ingest, thus giving them pain or discomfort. That is why your baby’s tummy requires nutrients that are close to its natural structure for easy digestion.

The importance of nutrient preservation 

A total of 200 Singaporean mums with children from 6-36 months were surveyed in July 2017. Of those surveyed, 8 out of 10 mums believe the importance of preserving milk nutrient for easy digestion.  While the survey revealed a high importance of preserving nutrients to support easy digestion, 84% of the mums were not aware how to preserve nutrients in their child’s milk.

When milk is overheated, the milk nutrients are damaged making them indigestible. These indigestible nutrients are harmful to your little one’s sensitive tummies which is why babies get indigestion. The common digestive problems faced by babies are constipation, gassiness and diarrhoea.

why babies get indigestion

Easy digestion for your baby's sensitive tummy 

Friso LockNutri was designed to eliminate just this problem. This technology uses mild heat treatment during the milk processing, so that milk proteins are preserved closer to their natural structure, making digestion easy for your little one! Proteins play an important role in muscle, skin and bones. It helps in tissue building and growth and is a component in red blood cells. Building this strong foundation keeps your little ones safe from the inside out.

Find out more about Friso Locknutri and how this supports easy digestion for your child, visit friso.com.sg today!


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