When your husband wants “out!”…

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How do you respond when your partner for life, for better or for worse, wants to leave you? Read the inspirational story of one woman who chose to ignore her husband’s demands. Be surprised by the outcome.

I don’t love you anymore

You have spent your early twenties swooning over one another, wrapped in young love. Then you get engaged, have that glorious dream wedding, become the parents you’ve always wanted to be and somewhere along the way –when everything seems to be going well—he says: “I’m done, I don’t want to be in this marriage anymore!”

There, you’ve heard it: “I don’t love you anymore!”–all those years down the drain. Now what?

When your husband wants out, mid-life crisis, laura munson
How would you react if your hubby says: “I don’t love you anymore”

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Various reactions of wives

How do you react? Some women get furious; they become so enraged that they end up doing some serious emotional damage to themselves and those around them.

When your husband wants out, mid-life crisis, laura munson

Others cry, weep and beg—they plead for their spouses to stay…to no avail. Yet others would blame themselves—“why me, what did I do wrong, what can I do to change your mind?”

It’s normal to question: “Is there someone else?”, “How did I not measure up?, “Is this a phase?”, “Did he ever love me in the first place?”

It’s not you—it’s him!

But why is it your fault? Why do women naturally take the blame so willingly? Here’s an amazing true-to-life account of a woman who refused to respond the conventional way.

When Laura Munson’s husband of two decades said: “I don’t love you anymore. I’m not sure I ever did. I’m moving out. The kids will understand. They’ll want me to be happy.” – she chose not to take it personally; as it wasn’t her fault.

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