When face-to-face with your husband's mistress, how would you react?

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Few can truly say that they’ll act graciously. How would you react?

How would you react if you came face to face with your husband's supposed mistress?

While we'd all like to think that we would handle such situations with poise and grace, few can truly say they would handle it graciously.

It takes maturity and an endless supply of patience not to turn into the worst versions of ourselves when forced to deal with betrayal.

We see these viral videos of real women and mistresses having throw downs in public places. There has even been a reality show devoted solely to catching cheaters in the act.

But what is the fascination? Do we like seeing these supposed ‘other women’ suffer? Or is it in the fact that the jilted women take revenge? But what if it happens to you or someone you know?

Take, for instance, this Brazilian woman who was caught on video confronting and physically attacking her husband’s alleged mistress, dragging her by the hair, and throwing her off a bridge. But, not before beating her up.


As one can expect with graphic videos of this nature, it’s since been taken down but not before it set a social media firestorm.

The clip, which has now been shortened, was taken using a mobile phone by presumably by one of the angered wife’s friends; we can hear indistinct jeering from the other end of the camera.

The Mirror reports that the alleged mistress, who is wearing black, was pleading in Portuguese but the woman showed no mercy. The alleged mistress was violently dragged by the hair along a busy street

A supposed friend of the wife helps her lift the alleged mistress and throw her over the bridge. What was truly disturbing was hearing applause in the background, as if violence was something to be celebrated.

If this happens to you or anyone you know, remember to always take the pacifist route. Though you can't control the situation, you can control how you handle it. 

Sure, it feels good to indulge our heightened emotions but we should focus on how this will affect us later on.

We should not condone violence because it is a vicious cycle which not only affects the victim but the one who inflicts it.

Here are 3 quick things you can do if you unfortunately find yourself thrust in this situation.

1. Think of the consequences of acting impulsively.

Who are you really hurting by doing this? What will happen after?

2. When wanting to confront someone, don’t.

This applies to when you are overcome with so much emotion. Remind yourself that you won't feel any better afterwards. 

3. When unable to think straight, go away.

Take time to regroup far from the drama. Spending time alone will help you think of a next move that won’t hurt anyone.

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