Is your child right-handed or left-handed?

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Does it matter if your child is right handed or left handed? How is this determined? Keep reading to know some simple exercises which will help determine handedness.

Studies show that 85% of the population is right-handed, but the number of left-handed people is on the rise. But what determines a person’s handedness?


Simple things like place settings are catered mainly to right handed folks.

Statistics suggest that handedness runs in the family: 90% of children born to right-handed couples are right-handed, while 50% of children born to left-handed couples are left-handed. Eighty percent of children born to mixed couples tend to be right-handed.

How handedness emerges

A child chooses his or her preferred hand only when a skill such as writing is needed. Until then, parents can’t be certain which hand their child will favour.

However, all children go though a period dubbed as the “chaotic phase”, where their preference for handedness can shift from one to the other. Babies will constantly experiment with their hands before selecting one.


If you give your baby a rattle, she will  most probably hold it in her right hand. This does not determine her handedness later on.

Experts have noted that right-handed children tend to be more certain about their handedness than left- handed kids, who tend to shift their choice from left to right, and then left again.

There are many theories about how handedness ultimately emerges.

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