What your child is learning in Primary 1

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Find out what your child is learning in Primary 1, and what you can do to support her or him.

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Read on to know what your child is learning in Primary 1.

The primary years are arguably the most important years of your child’s life. The concepts of language, writing, reading, history, math, science, social skills — all of these are introduced and built upon during the primary years.

As a parent, it is your job to provide an atmosphere that enhances and builds upon the skills learned at school — in such a way that your child enjoys learning and using what they learn. After all, that’s the point of education — to use what you learn.

So if your primary-aged children see the value in what they are learning, their interest in learning remains strong. They will remain attentive in school… and there’s no better time to start showing them this value than in Primary 1.

Why it is important for you to know what your child is learning in Primary 1

Tan Weiqiang, owner of Junior Wonders Tuition Centre, says, “We highly encourage parents to be actively involved when it comes to supporting their children in Primary 1. Quality time spent with your child will go a long way to help your child.” 


Parents should be involved in their children’s education, even as early as Primary 1.

He adds, “It is important to note that the pedagogy and curriculum applied at Primary 1 is aimed at cultivating a strong foundation for our children. Some children may take a longer while and require a little more help but academic excellence at this stage is not required.

“The Ministry of Education has gone as far as to eliminate semestral paper and pen examinations in order to bring this point across to parents.”

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