What the way you sit says about you

A person’s body language can reveal a lot about their personality. But did you know that the way you sit also makes a huge impact on how people view you? Find out more about what your sitting style says about you!

the way you sit

Find out what the way you sit reveals about your personality!

Apart from how a person talks, a lot can be said about how a person moves their body too. Some people use their hands to gesture nonstop while others have differ in the way they walk. But did you know that people can read who you are from the way you sit? As unbelievable as it may sound, check out some of the things people can predict just by studying how a man and or woman sits.

How women sit

Here are a few observations made about women based off of how they sit:

  • Sitting with legs together and tightly closed means a woman is quiet, often tense, and shy.
  • Sitting with legs crossed, feet unmoving means a woman is self-assured, outgoing, and direct.
  • Sitting with feet apart, toes pointed towards the sides means a woman is competitive, stubborn, confident and productive.
  • Sitting with legs together, tilted to one side means a woman is ladylike, stylish, and charming but also vulnerable.

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How Men Sit

Here are a few observations made about men based off of how they sit:

  • Sitting with legs wide open means a man is arrogant, argumentative and difficult to figure out.
  • Sitting with legs closed means a man plays it safe, and is unconfident at times but good at reading situations.
  • Sitting relaxed at the edge of a seat means a man is active, aggressive and realistic.
  • Sitting with left leg on right knee means a man is a perfectionist, subtle, and creative.
  • Sitting with right leg on left knee means a man is sensitive and compulsive.

How to sit confidently

Whether the above mentioned interpretations prove to be true or false in your case, one thing is for sure: It is always best to appear confident at all times even when sitting down.

the way you sit

Find out how to sit confidently and be noticed!

  • When seated on a chair with a desk, open your body and occupy as much space as you can without invading others’.
  • Sit straight, put your chest out, and lean forward as you speak.
  • Don’t forget to maintain eye contact with the speaker or to whom you are talking too.
  • Don’t hunch. If you hunch in your seat and make yourself appear smaller, you won’t make a big impression.

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Professional advice

Apart from learning how to sit, individuals should also be mindful of where they sit at a table at a professional meeting. This can really help to weed out the ambitious people from the weaker ones. If you want to be recognized and be in the centre of things, you should:

  • In a meeting, you should sit at the head of the table if you will preside the meeting. This way, you can be seen by everyone and you can see them. Nothing will get past you.
  • Sit at the other end of the table if you are not presiding the meeting. It is best to be seated across the person heading the meeting, so that you can be heard and offer your opinions to the chairman.
  • Sit in the middle and across the chairman when there are no end chairs. This position allows you to be within the midst of everyone on the table so when you speak, everyone can hear you.

Like musical chairs, everyone tends to scramble to the best seats. While others prefer to be seated near the door for faster exits, be aware of where to position yourself so you’ll be immersed in the meeting and not be on the sidelines. This is a must, especially if you want to climb up in your career ladder.

How do you normally sit? We’d love to hear from you!