What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

These are turbulent times with unprecedented challenges. Are you the kind of mum who has it all under control? Or are you one of the many who are barely getting by? No matter what kind of mum, everyone can use some extra help in caring for their family’s health and nutrition. So what are some things mums need to keep in mind to make the going a little easier? To help you out, we’ve made a shortlist of priorities to keep an eye on and creative solutions to achieve them!

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

1. Caring For Mental Health 

Your mental wellbeing is extremely important. It not only affects our physical health but also our behaviour towards our children. According to psychologists, children—particularly the younger ones—see their parents as role models and tend to imitate their behaviour. “When parents express negative emotions, their kids may internalise this behaviour, with or without realising it,” said Dr Florence Huang, a Hong Kong-based psychologist.

Being home creates an opportunity for family bonding, but it’s not without challenges. 

Boredom is sure to creep in and your children may act out. Likewise, juggling working from home and sacrificing me-time away from the kids and partner may wear your patience thin (completely normal).

  • Set a routine. To safeguard your mental wellness, the first thing you need to do is establish a routine. When there is order, the mind worries much less. Go to bed and wake up at a fixed time, plan meals for the family to ensure their getting sufficient daily nutrients and delegate who is in charge of buying groceries once a week. 
  • Get exercise. While doing sit-ups and jumping jacks may not be appealing, being outside away from the computer, messy kitchen for even a short 15-minute walk can have mental benefits. 
  • Strike a balance between work and play. When the kids have finished learning their alphabets and how to count, allow room for unstructured play, and creativity. 
  • Set boundaries. While you feel responsible to keep everyone and everything in order, try to find time for productive work, bonding with your children, your partner, and for full relaxation. Staying safe and healthy is a team effort.

Lastly, don’t sweat the small stuff. Let go a little, laugh a little louder, and love a little harder!

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

2. Ample Nutrients for Kids and Adults

For kids:

When it comes to proper nutrition, it’s not so much about quantity as it is about quality. Your child needs nutrients to be able to stay healthy and focus on learning in spite of the current state of affairs. 

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) —which represents 15% of all fatty acids in the frontal cortex—is a vital fatty acid in the brain and it is a primary structural component of brain tissue, which plays a role in effective communication between brain cells. This makes it essential for brain growth and development, as well as brain function1, including key development areas such as intellectual, motor, emotional/social, and communication skills.

Other nutrients like polydextrose (PDX), galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) work in tandem throughout the large intestine to foster the growth of good bacteria and promote digestive health.1,2 And of course, there's also Yeast-derived Beta-Glucan3,4,5 that is better known for its ability to enhance the immune system.

Milk fortified with DHA, PDX + GOS and Beta-Glucan can be added to your child's diet, to support their overall development. 

Remember, the proper stimulation and nutrition can help unleash your child’s limitless potential. 

For adults:

Adults should be consuming the recommended guidelines set by the College of Family Physicians Singapore. 

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

When shopping for groceries, keep a look-out for the “Healthier Choice” symbol to help your decision making.

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

3. Importance of Social Distancing and Staying At Home 

What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

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What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

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What Mums Need to Keep in Mind To Get Past These Turbulent Times

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Mums, it may not be the best of times but it certainly does not have to be the worst. Get what you need from the online fair to take care of your child’s most important needs, keep them well occupied and safeguard your mental wellness to get through these times unscathed! You can do it! 


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