A comprehensive guide on how long you should when spacing children

A comprehensive guide on how long you should when spacing children

Having children too close together can cause problems for both the mother and baby. There tends to be a higher rate of premature births and miscarriages in women who tend to only wait six months between pregnancies.

A woman's body goes through some extraordinary changes when they give birth to a child. They lose an enormous amount of blood between the baby and the placenta. Our hormones are rampaging and everything is completely out of whack.  Your body will need time to heal and get back into shape before you worry about trying to have another kid.

First things first

When you do decide to start think about having another baby, there are a few things you may want to think about. Do you want two babies in diapers together? How much one on one time do you want with each baby? A big question is going to be whether or not your body can handle another one yet? This question is something you may want to discuss with your doctor first before having more children.

Two Years

Many parents have found the spacing the children between 18 - 24 months has worked out well for them. Those with two-years siblings age difference only have to deal with jealousy problems and managing naptimes and one on one time can be pretty simple.  The sibling at this age tend to be a little more flexible with the new baby in the picture.

Three Years

Some parents have decided that the three year spacing was the only way to go. The older child is already out of diapers and more independent, so handling the baby or needing all of mummy's attention was not necessary. This is a great way to have the older child help out with somethings for the baby, such as getting a bottle or being gentle enough to play with the baby.

Even Longer

Many families have chosen to wait even longer between their children. Being able to spend as much one on one time with each child as possible has worked out to be the best route for them. Especially in larger families, the larger siblings age difference allows mum to have some help around with the little ones.

Ultimately the decision on how far apart to space your children is up to you. You may be able to get some very good ideas by talking with family member and friends. The main point is to make sure you let your body heal and that you are ready to deal with more than one child at a time. Small children are wonderful, but each one is different. Your first born child may be the total opposite of the next one. That needs to be a factor in your decision making. How much time do you think each child is going to want and need?


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