What happens when you’re 25 weeks pregnant?

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Your 25 weeks pregnant and almost at the third trimester. Learn about bodily changes, milestones, fetal development and TCM solutions for this week.

pregnant-belly-bloatedYou are 25 weeks pregnant and in the final week of your 2nd trimester. Some women refer to this as the end of the honeymoon period but think of it as one step closer to meeting your little one.

The third trimester is the last leg of your pregnancy journey before giving birth. It is when you will feel more pregnancy symptoms than before.

It is important to have regular check-ups with the doctor and be extra aware of your health and the baby’s movements. Stay on top of your pregnancy nutrition and drink plenty of fluids.

How your foetus is developing when you’’re 25 weeks pregnant

Your baby now weighs about 0.5 kg and measures approximately 34 cm from head to foot. The body shape is starting to change to look like a newborn baby as wrinkled skin is slowly but surely filling out with more baby fat. The tiny body is producing lung surfactant, which protects the lungs from deflating or collapsing at birth. You can also tell the style and colour of your baby’s hair around this time.

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