Someone just revealed what milk ducts look like and it's beautiful

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"As a breastfeeding mama, this is so incredible to me. It all makes sense now, and it's beautiful!"

Milk ducts are the tubes that carry breast milk from where it is made in the mammary glands, out to the nipple. There are approximately 15 to 30 milk ducts located in the breast. But what do milk ducts look like? You'll never guess!

An image shared by a Twitter user that shows what the female chest muscles and milk ducts actually look like, has left women across the world both fascinated and terrified. 

Here's why!

What do milk ducts look like? You'll never guess!

On 21 april 2019, Twitter user @lemonadead shared a visual of a woman’s muscle system, complete with the milk ducts and all, and it was a bit of a revelation for most of us.

what do milk ducts look like

The image shows the female muscle system from the upper abdomen to the bottom of the neck. The milk ducts are seen arranged in a flower-like pattern on top of each breast.

We hadn't expected our breasts to look like that. Also, why did they never teach this in school?

Here is her tweet that went all kinds of viral:

The picture, which has been shared close to 45,000 times, has elicited contrasting emotions from female netizens worldwide.

Many thought it was beautiful, flowery and a work of art.

what do milk ducts look like

what do milk ducts look like

While the fact that we were hiding something like that beneath our breasts creeped some women out.

what do milk ducts look like

what do milk ducts look like

"This made my skin crawl." “It has made me feel intensely sick. I can’t believe those things are in my body. I need to lie down.” were some of the extreme reactions to the image.

What do you think, mums? Does this picture amaze or terrify you? Let us know in the comments!

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