Pregnancy week 33: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Pregnancy week 33: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Your baby, who is the size of a pineapple, can now distinguish through day and night. As for you, mum, with everything that's going on, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself.

At pregnancy week 33 you will start experiencing strong foetal movements inside the womb. But there is a lot more you’ll experience. Read on to know more. 

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How Big is Your Baby?

At 33 weeks, your little one is about the size of a baby pineapple, or roughly 30cm, and weighs 2kg. No wonder you’re starting to feel heavy!

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Your Baby’s Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you’ll learn that:

  • Your baby can now differentiate between day and night as the light passes through the thin uterine wall.
  • He/she will be closing and opening his eyes during sleeping and waking up times.
  • He/she has developed an immune system of his own.
  • He/she has also learnt how to breathe now.
  • His/her bones are hardening.
  • He/she is also undergoing some major brain development.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Since your metabolic rate has reached its peak at pregnancy week 33, you will be left feeling overheated all the time.
  • Sleep has become elusive with the hormonal rush, regular trips to the bathroom, leg cramps, and heartburn.
  • Headaches and feeling anxious all the time will become a common affair.
  • You will start experiencing strong foetal movements inside the womb.
  • Your nails will become brittle because of hormonal activities.
  • If your belly starts hurting when you change positions on bed, it might be because of the round ligament pain. This is described as a sharp or jabbing pain usually in the belly or groin area that is, unfortunately, common during pregnancy.
  • Shortness of breath will become routine at pregnancy week 33.
  • You may feel clumsy and become forgetful of even the smallest things.

Pregnancy Care

  • Avoid exercising and eating close to your bedtime.
  • While exercising, you must not indulge in anything strenuous.
  • Ensure that you stick to healthy eating.
  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking at least eight to 10 glasses of water every day. Avoid aerated drinks.

Your Checklist

  • To ease down anxiety, pamper yourself with a warm bath.
  • Drink a warm cup of milk before sleeping and listen to your favourite soundtrack to help you soothe down.
  • If you are planning on cord blood banking, sign up for it now.

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Do you have questions on this week by week pregnancy guide? What are your current concerns, mums? Leave us a comment below!

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