Pregnancy week 25: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Pregnancy week 25: Your week by week pregnancy guide

Your baby may only be the size of an eggplant, but oh how he has developed. His skin is now turning pink and he has a routine. As for you, mum, you're feeling aches and discomforts.

While your baby is rapidly developing, you might be experiencing backaches, constipation, and haemorrhoids. These symptoms are completely normal so don’t worry, you have got this. Bring on pregnancy week 25!

week 25

How Big is Your Baby?

This week your baby is now about the size of an eggplant. His/her height will range from about 34.7cm to 36.3cm and he/she will roughly weigh between 672g – 749g. 

pregnancy week 25

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Your Baby’s Development

In this week by week pregnancy guide, you’ll learn that:

  • Your baby’s movements will become routine. He/she will play for a bit and then rest to recover.
  • Your little one is also able to hear and distinguish your voice by now. He/she may even respond to it when he/she is awake.
  • His/her skin is now turning pink because he/she is forming small blood vessels called capillaries under the skin, and these are filling up with blood.
  • He/she will go through his/her first bowel movement this week, but it will not come out until after he/she is born.

Pregnancy Symptoms

  • Your bump, which now looks like a soccer ball, may cause lower-back pain.
  • You are experiencing other body aches such as hip and leg pain.
  • You may feel itchy veins in the rectum. It happens because the bigger uterus is pushing down and increasing blood flow in that area.
  • You may feel constipated at pregnancy week 25. Irregular bowel movements can cause piles, so increase your fluid intake and drink enough water.

 Pregnancy Care

  • Keep body aches at bay by walking and performing Kegel exercises. Yoga and step aerobics are worth trying as well.
  • Here is what to watch out for in this week by week pregnancy guide: if you gained weight rapidly or feel bloated due to gas and acidity during the second trimester, visit the doctor immediately.

The Checklist

  • Set up an antenatal appointment. Your doctor or the midwife will measure the size of your uterus, measure your blood pressure, and take a urine sample to test for gestational diabetes and lack of proteins in the body.
  • Download our birth plan checklist here.

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Do you have questions on this week by week pregnancy guide? What are your current concerns, mums? Leave us a comment below!

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