Wedding and Engagement Rings: Does Size Matter?

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Does it really matter how big the rock is? Real women share their thoughts

Wedding and engagement rings are symbolic of commitment, and though many of us would say otherwise, we tend to link the ring’s price tag with the relationship’s worth.

One ParentTown user asked the community about the factors they took under consideration when choosing their rings:

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Does size matter? Not really

When it comes to stone size or value, the overall consensus was that it doesn’t matter. Some users even said that they asked for smaller rings! “My engagement ring is a simple solitaire piece,” wrote Yuna L. “I asked for a ring that wouldn’t look obnoxious because I knew that if it was too much, I wouldn’t be allowed to wear it with my uniform at work. We haven’t decided on the wedding bands yet but it will be simple as well.”

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Similarly, Hui Q.N. wrote: “I’m not someone who likes bling. I specifically requested that I do not want any diamonds, so my wedding ring is matte black and matte silver.”

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