How do I wean my child off breast milk?

How do I wean my child off breast milk?

Is your child refusing to take powdered or bottled milk? Here are some tips from our experienced mums on how to wean your child off breast milk.


Find out how to wean your baby off breast milk…

Mum Needs Help: My boy is 14 months old and still in breastfeeding, he refuse to take powder and bottle. Any advice?


Rittar Rajagukguk:
Why don’t u try using fresh milk and a straw? It works for my baby.

Annabelle Ang:
No choice had to be very very firm.. I stop breastfeeding when my son had hand. foot and mouth disease when hes 8 mths old.. He also rejected powder n bottles when i could not direct breastfeed him.. Becos the doc say its not advisable.. So he was having ulcers n was crying like hell for nights.. And refuse to drink frm bottle.. My advise to u.. Dun let him have a choice.. And stick all the way to bottles.. Let him cry for nights and gradually he will drink frm bottle.. I switched him to goats milk and hes taking quite well as compared to Nan HA. And milk bottle he onli uses medela.. And for the first few weeks i had to play cartoons on my phone den hes willing to suck.. So maybe u can try letting him hold onto his fav toy while hes drinking.. It might help 😉

Frida Jonatan:
why do you want to stop breastfeeding ? it’s a good thing … 🙂

Irene Wong:
totally agree dun gv them a chioce n got2 b hard hearted i bfeed both my kids both reject all diff bottles n diff brand milk initally … n u juz need to endure v most a mth they will gv in!!! bt 14mths a big boy so u might wan to let him stick his fav stickers on bottles or cup to make it mre welcoming!!!! mummy keep it up dun despair! we all wen thru it!!!

Tricia Chiow:
My gal was in TBM till 15ms. Only the 1st 3mths she was on bottle, thereafter due to shifting house, I direct latch her. As I hv to go bk to work last month, I now latch her in the morning b4 I go to work & night b4 she sleeps + 3x 180ml (late morning, 5pm & 10pm). Initially she reject the FM too. I let her tried on the given samples. She will either reject totally or drink just 30ml. Subsequently, I realised she quite like GainIQ. So I’ve sticking on it till now. Slowly increasing her intake from 60-120ml, to the preaent 180ml. My another problem, she refused the bottle too! But she’s taking the pigeon magmag cup w straw quite well. Right now, all her liquid intake are all thru magmag cup. PD said it’s ok & gd to wean them off bottle by 2nd yr.

Ct Noraini Joe:
That’s a good thing anyway…why must switch? U should continue it unless u are working…it’s a good source of food, vitamins, protection for ur kid..carry on..u will nvr regret it ;))

Anggraeni Cahaya Nursanti:
your boy is smart boy….the best is breastfeeding until 2 years minimal….

Ann Tng:
BM is good,I BF my son till he’s 36month,now my 18month daughter I’m still total BF her and intend to continue as long as possible. Good is that they both okay to be bottle feed when I’m not around,i will express the milk and my mum will give it to them thru bottle. It’s not a age that matter,I ever read an article that an ang-mo BF his son till 7yo.But I think not for me lor..hee…

Chiou Lin:
I thot I read somewhere tt after 1st 1 or 2 yrs, no point to BF coz e child will have to get other nutrients from other source of food like veg & meat.
Anyway u can try fresh milk with straw. Fresh milk is always better than formula coz e latter is highly processed & sweetened. I suspected my kids always had phelgm & cough problem coz of Formula. They r ok after I switched them to fresh milk. & I have a fren, she BF her kids to 1 yr plus then switch to fresh milk, her kids till far have no major illness..

Joanne Khi:
my dd on tbm too she’s 14 mths.. but i want to start her on fm… she only takes it chilled!! (only around 2-3 oz) faint!

Tina Ahmad Kaknana:
I direct breastfeed my girl till 3 years. I stopped coz i have to take medication. So till now she rejects all milk but preferred MILO instead but drink from a cup or packet n not from a bottle. If your working u should express n continue giving her breast milk. She will drink from the bottle when she got no choice. Unless you have to take medication then u may have to stop breastfeeding. Breast milk are the best for our babies. My girl seldom get sick through it. You should get advise from your family doctor too.

Nazzia Momina:
You can try making formula in a nice cup instead of bottle. He is a doing a good thing by saying no to the bottle. I am still BF my 18 month old but she has fresh milk as well as formula in a cup. I feed her at nap times and during the night couple of times. She has managed to stay away from all kinds of infections etc. Masha Allah.

Nazzia Momina:
@Chiou – Breast feed ALONE is not enough, until 2 years. After that no point in BF.

Alderline Wong:
Bf is still impt after 2yr. The fat n anti bodies increase to help toddlers cope w more germs n bacteria exposed to. Bf babies fall sick less n get well faster on average. Children natural resisyence r only well developed ard 6yrs so Bm is still impt if wan a healthy kid. Seem u hv a smart boy to prefer breasts 😉 Just continue as long as possible… Though giving bottle will b convenient (can leave u alone), consider bfg as bonding time – to hug, to sing n to talk. Bb can smell u, hear heartbeat, [email protected] u n feel that warm hug on top of being sustain n nourish by u (instead of a cow n bottle) Their baby time will fly quite fast n u may miss bfg after a while.

Evonne Lee:
My eldest boy only weaned off at 22 months… 🙂

Chong Leng Li:
fed my son mixture of bm & formula since birth bcos not enuff bm. He rejected formula once he knows how to shake his head and refuse bottle at 4 mth. He’s 31 mths now and no sign of weaning yet… And it is true he fall sick lesser and recover faster than his peers, so despite everything, I will still continue to bf him… On with my calcium pills!

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