6 ways to raise sugar-free kids

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Yes, you can raise sugar-free kids without them hating you. Here are 6 tips that can help you do it strategically.

Tips to Helping Your Kids Become Sugar-Free

How do you steer your kids away from sweet things?

My mummy friends are polarised when it comes to sugar in their children’s diet.

One group of mummies are liberal – indulging their children in sugar freely. They are often seen feeding their children ice-cream, artificially-flavoured lollipops and sweets.

The other group of mummies champion eating clean and wholesome real foods. They are uptight and hyper-vigilant when it comes to sugar. They are the ones who throw away the sugar-loaded treats in birthday goodie bags brought back from school.

I pledge my allegiance to the latter group.

It has been well-documented that processed sugar is evil. Sugar is the culprit behind tooth decay, obesity, behavioural problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Type II Diabetes.

According to Sarah Wilson, Author of “I Quit Sugar Kids Cookbook”, children are little growing human beings who have a bucket load of nutritional requirements. In order to accommodate all these nutrients, there are fewer calories available for sugar allowance.

If there is an area where you should exercise parental resolve, let it be freedom from sugar!

6 tips to help your kids become sugar-free

#1 Recognise the pitfalls

Do you use sugar to compensate your children when you are unable to spend time with them? Do you get a box of Tim Tams or donuts on your way back from work just to “brighten up” your kid’s day? Do you use snacks or goodies to bribe them into cooperation? Catch yourself when you do this and… STOP!

You can cheer kids up with a cuddle or a story. You can coax them into cooperation using a calmer tone of voice.

Learning to keep your child away from sugar as much as you can is important. Read how else you can help them in the next page. 

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