10 special ways that you can bond with your unborn baby

10 special ways that you can bond with your unborn baby

Pregnancy can be a wonderful thing, but how do you bond with someone who hasn't even come out into this world yet? We show you how!

Mummies, how do you actually get to know someone who hasn't even been born into this world yet? Sure, having the little angel inside of you already feels like there's a bond, but how about actually going through the process of bonding while your angel is inside?

Here are 10 ways that you can bond with your unborn baby:

#1 Talk to your baby

Don't just limit yourself to talking, you can also unleash your inner Whitney Houston and sing your heart out! Tell your baby about your day, how excited you are to meet him, we're pretty sure the feeling's mutual.

#2 Vlog

What's a vlog, you might ask? It's like the concept of blogging, but with videos instead. Document your pregnancy by videoing yourself throughout this journey, and by noting down things like what kinds of food you're craving, what're you're going to do later and other stuff that you'd like to share with him.

#3 Massage your belly

Massaging your belly is safe after the first 3 months, and this would also help you to unwind and relax. Your baby would be able to feel you touching him and he would be relaxed by this too!

#4 Let daddy bond too


Let your hubby sing, talk and massage your bump! If you feel your baby kicking, place your hubby's hand on your bump so he can feel it too. We're pretty sure he will feel things.

#5 Respond to the kicks

Whenever you feel your baby kick, touch the spot that he had last kicked. You may find that he will most probably kick again to feel your touch.

#6 Keep a picture of the sonogram nearby

Spend some time looking at the pictures each day, and imagine what it'd be like once he's out and in your arms. You will feel all mushy and excited on the inside, and your baby will feel it too!

#7 Do yoga


Yoga helps you to focus your mind, and to escape from the hustle and bustle of life. It is during this time that you will have the chance to clear your mind and focus on you and your baby, and would also help you to ease any anxieties that you have during your pregnancy.

#8 Take lots of photos!

Get creative with your bump! You can draw faces on your bump or even take creative photos like the ones below to remember your pregnancy.

Image credits: hellolittleworld

#9 Write letters

What better way to talk to your unborn baby than to write him letters? You could write him a variety of letters throughout the different age groups, and let him read it once he's old enough!

#10 Create a time capsule

Include things such as his sonogram pictures, some of the things that you craved while pregnant, and maybe even some of the photos and vlogs that you took during your pregnancy!


What are some of the ways that you bond with your unborn angel? Share with us in the comments below!

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Claudia Chia

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