5 Ways being a parent literally hurts

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No pain, no gain! Am I right, parents?

Parenthood, like many challenges in life, is full of ups and downs and bumps and bruises. While I could take the time to expand on how being a parent can result in emotional pain from time to time, we’re going to discuss the more obvious pain associated with parenthood: physical pain.

I’m not saying that parenthood is quite the same as going ten rounds in the ring with a heavyweight (though, mothers could make that argument after giving birth), but you’ll encounter some pretty painful scenarios as a parent.

Parents, you’re enduring and patient and will suffer through the worst of the worst to make sure your kids grow up happy and healthy. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t recognize the struggle and physical suffering you withstand along the way.

Recently, Scary Mommy contributor Harmony Hobbs  composed a list of some of the physical tolls parents’ bodies endure through the years. When we saw it, we couldn’t help but agree, and put in our own two cents.

Here’s our list of 5 ways being a parent literally hurts:

1. The little things add up

stepping on legos

So let’s say it’s 2AM, and one of your kids just started crying for whatever reason. You’re walking through the hallway to address the issue, and you step on every parents worst nightmare: a single stray Lego block! Contrary to what The Lego Movie says, everything is not awesome.

What about this: you’re getting ready for a day out on the town and you’re safely fastening your kid into his/her carseat. Then all of a sudden, that damn safety buckle pinches you so hard that you want to scream and curse at the top of your lungs…but you can’t because you’re child is very impressionable.

These are just some examples of how parents go through some very minor injuries that add up over time, and truthfully…THEY HURT!

2. Injuries caused by lack of sleep


The last entry discussed injuries that are pretty much unavoidable. These are injuries that could be avoided but aren’t because when you’re sleep deprived, you’re not fully aware of what’s happening. Injuries of this nature could stem from missing a step on the staircase while you’re in a daze, or even stubbing your toe while you listlessly drag your feet around the house like a zombie.

Sleeping is valuable to your life and to your health. For parents, it’s also crucial for avoiding injuries!


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