7 Ways martial arts guarantees your child will be bully-proof

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Though some might think of Martial Arts as a gateway to violence, it actually plenty of benefits to help your child develop social skills. Read on to find out how it can help

For children who are bullied, school becomes a very scary place where they feel vulnerable. Millions of children worldwide experience this on a daily basis, leaving their parents feeling helpless because they are unable to protect their child. The solution? Enrolling their child in a martial arts program.

Martial arts not only teaches a child how to defend her/himself in the presence of a bully, but how to avoid compromising situations that might lead to bullying as well. Through martial arts, your child will also learn important life lessons that they can use all the way up to adulthood.

Today, we share 7 Ways Martial Arts Guarantees Your Child Will Be Bully-Proof.

1) Because he has confidence

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Martial arts is a great confidence booster for kids!

With each martial arts class comes a new goal to achieve in the form of techniques and specific drills. Fulfilling these goals reassures each student that he is capable of achieving anything he puts his mind to. There’s no doubt that this helps build confidence in a child.

A bully will always target a child who appears weak and unsure. The self-confidence a child receives from martial arts will help him feel more secure which makes him less vulnerable to bullying.

2) Because she is disciplined

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Martial arts gives children the satisfaction of learning and achieving, giving them the confidence to face any problem that comes their way.

In every class, a martial arts instructor reinforces the importance of discipline. Tasks as simple as standing in line and waiting for your turn to attending class consistently teaches discipline. This provides a child a firm structure of what’s right and wrong.
The child who practices martial arts knows her limits. She knows what actions can trigger a bully and therefore avoids those at all costs. She understands that when faced with a bully, she must manage her own behavior to prevent the situation from worsening.

3) Because he shows respect

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Children who practice martial arts are less likely to face hardships as an adult.

From the time your child steps on the mats, he is taught how to show respect to his instructors and peers. Simple body language like a bow, a fist bump or even a high-five shows mutual respect and admiration. This teaches your child how to treat others, regardless of whether they are friends or not.

When a child shows respect for others, he also shows how much he respects himself. This also means he is less likely to be bullied. He understands that respect is a basic human right and that no one deserves to be mistreated.

4) Because she knows how to defend herself

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When your child practices martial arts, she will learn how to defend herself without the use of physical aggression. Throughout her martial arts journey, her instructor will emphasize the importance of using martial arts for self-defense only, not as a means to attack.

She will also learn how to take responsibility for her actions and choose the high road each time she faces conflict. Because of this, the likelihood of your child being a bully also decreases significantly.

5) Because he is more sociable

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When you recognize your kids’ improvements and reward them for it, they’ll be more encouraged to keep improving and be better than they were the previous day.

When your child trains martial arts, he’ll forge lifelong friendships with like-minded peers. Being on the same journey will undoubtedly bring children closer together, as well as expose them to a multitude of personalities. This would make your child well-rounded and sociable, as well as more empathetic towards others.
The more sociable your child is, the less likely he will be bullied. His newfound willingness to get along with others will definitely make it easier to make more friends and surround himself with other positive, happy children.

6) Because she sets goals 

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Martial arts teaches students to set goals, attain them, and see the visual results of their achievements.

Studies show that children who aren’t sporty or are poor performers in school are often bullied. Most of the time, this is caused by a lack of self-confidence, especially in their academic performance.

One of the most amazing lessons your child will learn from martial arts is goal setting. Because of the belt grading system, she will constantly work towards achieving the next belt. This teaches her that achieving a goal takes hard work and a whole lot of effort. There’s no doubt that this would translate to success in the classroom and make her less prone to bullying as well.

7) Because he is happy

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Martial arts isn’t all about learning techniques and drilling, it’s also about having fun! Children who practice martial arts always look forward to their next class because they can’t wait to be with their teammates and high-five their favorite instructors. It’s time for them to be happy and do what they love!

Often times, bullies target children who are easily upset or unhappy. This is because they easily react to the bully, reinforcing him to keep on going. The positivity that radiates from children who practice martial arts will certainly ward off any bully. If a child seems unperturbed despite being bullied, it is likely that the bully will just walk away.

If you feel like your child is a target for bullying, do not hesitate to take action and enroll him/her in a martial arts class. Not only will you make your child bully-proof, you are also arming him/her with lessons and values that go beyond the mats.

Sign your child up and prevent him/her from becoming a victim of bullying for the rest of his/her life!