10 Ways for kids to take risks in a world full of no’s

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Help your kids stay positive and to take risks in a world that's constantly telling them "no" and "no you can't." Learn how here!

In today’s society, there seems to be a lot of apprehension, and negativity. Sure, there are always going to be sources of inspiration and positivity, but with the numerous ways in which humans can communicate in the modern age, it seems we’re destined to be exposed to the worst of society at any given moment. Perhaps these innumerable blemishes on the face of society is to blame for many people becoming cynical and disapproving.

Whether or not the world is a good or terrible place, the discouraging nature of some people has a detrimental effect on children. As parents, the only thing to do is to shield them from such negativity and doubt, or better yet, prepare them to deal with doubters and skeptics. That’s why one of the best things you can for a child, is to teach them how to trudge the cynics, and how to take risks even if the world is telling them no.

Licensed Clinical Professional Counsellor at the Chrysalis Group and school counsellor, Phyllis Fagell believes that kids these days aren’t being taught to succeed in a world full of doubt. That’s why she’s formulated a list of 10 ways in which kids can succeed in modern society!

Raise your kids to overcome the pessimists with these 10 steps! Give them the tools they need to take risks in a world full of “no’s”!

1. Bet on yourself

Teach your children the importance of expecting excellence from themselves. Kids need to know that, outside of their parents, there are few people that they can truly depend on in order to succeed. Help them understand that if they rely and depend on themselves, as opposed to others, they’ll be more likely to persevere. Let them know that they can only control the thoughts and behaviours of one person: themselves.


2. Don’t let anyone bring you down

Kids have a tendency to dream big, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You should let kids reach for the stars and strive for greatness. One important part of reaching for the stars, however, is not letting anyone clip your wings on the path to glory. Teach kids to not get discouraged by doubters at an early age. Prepare them for the sad fact that skeptics will surface at some point down the road, but to not pay them any mind and to stay focused on achieving their dreams.


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