8 ways to identify a Singaporean when you’re overseas

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Being overseas can be a great experience for many. Seeing amazing sights, eating glorious food, meeting new people and even shopping for things that are not usually found here in Singapore are all a part of the experience of being overseas. Though in a foreign land, you might be able to come across a few fellow countrymen, and spotting them isn’t so hard.

Check out these 8 ways to identify a Singaporean when you’re overseas:


#1 The accent


You can hear them from a mile away, especially when you hear phrases such as, “This one cheaper leh!” or “Oh my gosh, so pretty hor?”


#2 Patting any seat before sitting down


Here’s a scenario: You’re seated in a crowded restaurant, and waiting for your food to arrive. You see a family walk in and spot a seat near you, so they rush over and just before sitting down, they start patting their seats before taking a seat. You might also overhear them saying, “Wah so lucky, got seat!”


#3 Comparing prices


“Eh this one cheaper here! Faster buy!”
“So expensive! Go back Singapore buy cheaper.”
“Check your calculator leh, see how much the price difference.”
“So cheap only? Buy 10! Go back sell!”


#4 Comparing the weather


“Aiyoh here so hot, Singapore also not so hot.”
“Wah so cold! I miss the weather back in Singapore.”


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