WATCH: What would the world be like if men breastfed?

This hilarious video shows just how much breastfeeding would be different if men had to do it! How would it be if men breastfed?

Many mums have to deal with the controversy and criticism that comes with breastfeeding in public so to, lighten up the social conversation, Buzzfeed decided to imagine a world where the men could take in a walk in breastfeeding mums’ shoes. Imagine how it would be if men breastfed!

Here’s what that world would look like according to a hilarious video.

If men breastfed…

For one thing, they wouldn’t need to cover up while shopping and can just whip out and pump without starting a whole debate of whether or not it’s proper or not.

Public breastfeeding and changing rooms would have large flat screen TVs loaded with HD sports channels!


screengrab: Youtube

Video game ‘bro time’ would also include pumping technique trash talking:“I’m gonna whoop your ass in the game, but I’m also gonna whoop you at pumping.”


screengrab: Youtube

And someone is bound to have to pause the game mid-way because they’re lactating all of a sudden!


screengrab: Youtube

And, obviously, guys would have their own breastmilk Olympics!


screengrab: Youtube

Laugh along to the funny video below!

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