Watch: Little girl hilariously tries to list days of the week

This little girl might not know all of the days of the week, but she certainly deserves an "A" for effort. Watch the hysterical video here!

For toddlers and little kids, learning new things can be rather difficult. It's best to keep in mind that practice makes perfect, and to keep trying until you master that new concept or skill.

This little girl, while adorable in every sense of the word, is still in the middle of learning a new concept. She's currently trying to learn and understand the names of the days of the week, and let's just say that she has her work cut out for her.

Let's check out her attempt at listing the days of the week:


Off to a good start, so far. It may not be the first day of the week, but it is a day. Good job! What comes next?


Umm...not quite. You're adorable, though, so we'll give you partial credit.

root beer

Root beer is tasty, but it is not a day of the week. Where did you get this information? Are you making it up on the spot?

bye bye

After a few more hilarious, albeit, questionable guesses, our little student waves to the camera and dismisses herself: "Bye! I'll see ya later, Mummy!" She might not know more than one day, but at least she minds her manners.

So, either we've had it wrong all along and "spider web" is in fact a day of the week...or she still has some learning to do. Either way, the video is absolutely hysterical.

It was originally posted on the YouTube page, Kyoot Kids. Since then it's gained quite a bit of attention for obvious reasons!

Check out the full video to see her complete list of the days of the week:

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