WATCH: Creative dad transforms 4-year-old son’s playtime adventures into action movies

WATCH: Creative dad transforms 4-year-old son’s playtime adventures into action movies

With a little help from technology, one dad is giving a whole new meaning to encouraging your kid’s imagination

As kids, it’s easy to be carefree with our vivid imagination unbridled by the cynicism of adulthood: Our living room carpet transforms into boiling lava; our bed becomes a sailboat flying off to neverland.

Artist Daniel Hashimoto wants to preserve this point in his son’s life by videotaping his playtime adventures and taking it to the next level with a bit of computer effects magic.

The creative dad, who is the brains behind the Action Movie Kid channel on YouTube, creates exciting mini-action flicks which prove he's just as imaginative as his little boy!

In one video, his son navigates through a storm as his playground boat transforms into an actual one!

In another, we see the little adventurer swinging across monkey bars as crocodiles threaten to chomp on his swinging feet.

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In a mini-film called ‘Flying Boots’ his son dons an Iron Man mask as he zooms out of their kitchen in Marvel-level coolness.

More than entertaining, Hashimoto also wants to encourage other parents to make playtime fun and imaginative (for parents and kids, alike) by providing how-to videos for using special effects on their own home movies.

For more of his entertaining short films, subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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