Washy Washy Clean: The Proper Ways of Handwashing

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Hygiene is all in the hands. Is your child washing his hands right?

proper ways of handwashing

Like any mum, you worry about your child falling sick. It does not help that you have to constantly battle with infectious diseases like HFMD and H1N1 influenza, and of course, the annoying common cold. How do you protect your little one from yet another germ attack?

One of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs is actually in your child’s hands, as good hygiene starts with clean hands. In fact, several research studies show that hands are the single most important transmission route for all types of infections

Your child’s hands are everywhere, from stained doorknobs to toilet flush handles to the mucus he wipes with the back of his hand. If he washes his hands only after meals and simply places his hands under running water, he may not be getting rid of the germs that cling on.

That was what many children (and their mums and preschool teachers) learnt at the HealthZone Hygiene Carnival, jointly organised by Lifebuoy and Health Promotion Board (HPB), held from the 13th to the 24th of April.

The carnival, aimed at children aged between four and eight, attracted over 2000 pre-schoolers and lower- primary school students. During the event, impressionable minds were taught the proper ways of handwashing.

Find out what the children learnt about hand-washing at the HealthZone Hygiene Carnival on the next page.

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