Using Singapore’s HealthHub app to keep track of my family’s health

The Singaporean government's Health Promotion Board (HPB) has released a FREE app for parents, to track your health records for ALL your family members. It's straight-forward to set up (and even imports data from various government health systems for you), and makes keeping on top of all your family members' health records really fuss free. Read more about what the HealthHub app can do...

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I pretty much live and breathe by my phone, and I’m not ashamed to admit that! It holds my Calendar for every single event our family has scheduled, and I use it for all my Notes and Shopping List for the family. And… well… there is the chatting and social media aspect that I’m addicted too, of course 😉 Gotta track every aspect of my children’s milestones and development like a legit millennial mum, right?! It’s super easy to do with the new Singapore HealthHub app!

So, recently, I downloaded the HealthHub app, which is released by the Singaporean government’s Health Promotion Board (HPB). It’s actually really fab how the government makes the effort to develop and release FREE apps for residents!

The HealthHub app’s purpose is straightforward – it is a one stop shop to track your health records for ALL your family members.

It means I’ll never *ahem* forget my kid’s Health booklet during their doctor appointments, nor will I forget which family member had what health issue and whatever point in time, and I’ll now be reminded of appointments for doctors and dentists coming up.

My three kids are so precious to me, so naturally I want to make sure I’m on top of anything to do with their health. It’s easy to do with the Singapore HealthHub app!

So what does the HealthHub app show you?


The information in HealthHub is drawn from a myriad of government systems, some of which include the National Electronic Healthcare Record (NEHR) system, the School Health System, School Dental System and National Immunisation Registry.

You can access everything online on the HealthHub portal, but I find it more convenient using the app, which you can download:

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To access your medical records, you need to log in using your Singpass and OTP (super secure). Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see this home screen:

You can see above that you can do a whole lot within this app. But since I’m predominantly interested in kid stuff, I’m zero-ing in on Children’s Health, which is a subsection of MyHealth.

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I have all 3 of my kids registered, which you’ll see above! I just pop in their name and their Birth Cert number, and all’s done.

Each child has their own personal sub sections, which you’ll see above.

I can add in all her Milestones (like First Smile, First time Rolling Over, etc) as she hits them. It’s SO convenient logging this in the app, and even better that you can track across all kids, and have the history of all their developmental milestones on you at all times! Ahhhh the memories…

What I find the most useful is the Immunisations section. If you ask me which kid had what vaccination done when….. errmmm…. I basically couldn’t tell you! But this section tracks them all. Better yet – it’s auto-retrieved from the National Immunisation Registry (NIR) so you don’t even have to log it yourself!! You’ll see above that Chloe’s had 2 immunisations, and they are auto-loaded for me in the app.

omg I love the growth chard in the Singapore HealthHub App!

The Growth Chart is a nice, visual way to track Chloe’s head/height/weight measurements against the national average. I pop it in after each doctor’s visit so I can see how she’s doing, and it’s really nice having records of all 3 kids’ growth on hand.

There’s loads of other things you can do as well, outside of logging your children’s information. You can also:

  • log your own, aging parents’ or relatives’ data.
  • read up on health-related topics covering food and nutrition, physical activity.
  • explore a calendar of healthy activities such as health talks and fitness classes organised by Health Promotion Board, etc
  • do quizzes get rewards and redeem them for Plus! Linkpoints

Growth Milestone “Looking and Watching You” – Checked Off in the Singapore HealthHub App! 😛

The HealthHub app is seriously comprehensive. And I’m just SO impressed the government has released something like this, that is so useful for the everyday Singaporean and their families! It makes monitoring and keeping on top of my whole family’s health status super easy and fuss-free.

Kids can even learn about medicine using the Singapore HealthHub App

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