Unwed mothers can now avail of single parent benefits!

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Raising a child is not an easy feat! So if you're a single parent, then click this to know what single parent benefits you are entitled to.


The Singapore Government provides support and benefits for the care and development of all Singaporean children.

With the costs of raising a family constantly increasing, parents have had to work harder than ever in order to ensure that their children are well provided for. As difficult as this may be for a husband-wife tandem, the task is significantly more daunting for a single parent. Good news for single mums in Singapore, though! In an effort to lighten the financial burden that single mothers carry, the Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing has recently announced that single mums are entitled to the same children’s benefits that married women are given.

Excluding benefits intended to support marriages and births within the context of families, Minister Chan reiterated that the Government provides support and benefits for the care and development of all Singaporean children whether or not their mothers are married. Said single parent benefits include:

On the other hand, the benefits for married mothers are:

  • Baby Bonus Cash Gift and Child Development Account
  • Maternity leave of 16 weeks
  • Parenthood tax rebate, qualifying child relief, handicapped child relief, working mother’s child relief, and grandparent caregiver relief
  • Housing grant for families
  • Housing priority schemes

For more information on the different single parent benefits and how to avail of them, you may check out the following websites:


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