The ultimate craft project: raising my kids and being a supermum

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Meet Supermum Diana, a blogger, craftsmum, mumpreneur and mummy to four adorable kids as she juggles motherhood with her career and her many passions.

Diana Guo is an artist and a blogger who creates crafting activities for kids and features them in her blog She also holds a full-time job as a Digital Marketer. Needless to say Supermum Diana is so many things rolled into one!

So how does she manage to juggle all these you might ask? “Having a capable helper helps to lighten the load a fair bit. And a hands-on hubby is definitely an advantage,” she says. Her career and many endeavours were born out of her two passions—crafting and motherhood.

With so many arts and crafts projects she has featured in her blog and arts activities she has included in her party works business the ultimate craft project for Supermum Diana is still raising her kids.

We list down 5 reasons why motherhood and raising children is a lot like an arts and craft project:

1. Crafting much like motherhood is challenging at first but you eventually get better at it.

“Feeling tired is an understatement with a young child at home,” says Diana. But the difficulties that come with starting out as a parent and raising young kids don’t last long. Eventually parents get better at ‘parenting’ and get used to the routine. “Somehow your body would adjust and keep up with the demands,” she adds. She sees people as creatures of habit, once a mother gets used to the routine she’ll be able to accomplish tasks like clockwork.

So if you’re a new mom, struggling with all these demands and new responsibilities, keep your head up and know that you’ll be able to adjust and get better at motherhood in time.

2. Every craft is unique just like every kid.

Just when you thought you’ve figured everything out with your firstborn comes another one with a different set of needs. And the tasks are ever growing and changing with the children’s needs according to Diana. “Every child has their own unique sets of items on the checklist,” she shares. For her girls she needs to make sure that they are on track with their schoolwork and ballet lessons while fulfilling their emotional needs for affection and attention.

For her pre-schooler on the other hand she needs to focus on the child’s need to play and control meltdowns. And as for her toddler “it’s all about cuddling, breastfeeding on demand and experiencing milestones together”.

3. Much like crafting the joy in motherhood comes in seeing something beautiful come out of your hard work.

“My greatest rewards would be the joy and progress I see in my children,” she shares. Diana finds joy and fulfillment in seeing improvements in her children’s report books and when they achieve milestones. She also appreciates the little notes and drawings she gets from her kids and feels that her husband who used to be unexpressive has gotten better in showing appreciation for her over the years.

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