World news: Uganda shocked by video of maid beating baby *NSFW*

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Uganda shocked by video of maid beating baby, along with thousands of parents around the world as this horrifying footage is made viral online.

Uganda shocked by video of maid beating baby

Uganda shocked by video of maid beating baby [(c)]

What would you do if you were a loving father who came home from a hard’s day work and saw bruises on your daughter’s body?

Erick Kamanzi came home from work to see bruises on his 2-year-old daughter’s body and quickly reviewed the nanny camera that he had set up in the living room.

What he saw horrified him, footage of the family’s 22-year-old nanny beating and kicking his daughter after she had thrown up a bowl of porridge.

The nanny had beaten the child with a flashlight and repeatedly stepped on the child’s back, crushing the child with her full weight.

In a rage, Erick went after the nanny, identified as identified as Jolly Tumuhirwe, and began to beat her. The nanny was able to escape and asked for help.

Authorities went to the house and arrested Erick, but after Erick showed them the footage, the police promptly arrested Jolly who is currently being charged for attempted murder.

To watch the video, you may view it below…

Warning: This video is not safe for work and should not be viewed with children around. 

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