The 7 types of people you’ll meet on public transport

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This troop makes the morning and evening commute to work a whole lot more interesting!

Oh the rush of the morning and evening peak hour on public transport! Don’t we all just love it?

Apart from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, getting stepped on by fellow commuters, and being shoved by a bunch, there are just some people that make our daily commute a whole lot more interesting. 

Here are 7 such people you’ll meet daily…

#1 The one with the backpack

You know he’s there, or you might have even felt his presence too. Truth be told, how could you not notice him when his backpack is the first thing that slams into you whenever the train halts or jerks, or when everyone is trying to move in or out of the cabin. You can’t help but feel the roughness of the backpack against your arm. Nice!


#2 The smelly one

I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced countless episodes where a person lifts up his arm to hold onto the handlebars, and unleashes the glorious smell of …body odour. Ugh!


#3 That one auntie eyeing the seats

Don’t be fooled by her looks- though she may seem weak and fragile, this auntie can fight her way for a seat if she needs to. She will push her way to the front of the queue and will glare at everyone who’s seated as an attempt to guilt-trip them into giving up their seats for her.


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