Twin toddlers succumb to drowning accident in backyard swimming pool

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Aged 23 months, Robbie and Charli, died days apart from each other in an unfortunate accident. Keep reading for tips to avoid such swimming pool horrors.

The drowning accident occurred during the Christmas holidays, in the swimming pool at the twins’ backyard. The twins, a boy and a girl, were found unconscious by their mother, Fleur Manago, who immediately pulled them out of the pool. According to this report, despite trying to resuscitate the tots before the paramedics arrived to rush them to the hospital, the twins could not be saved.

Elsae Susanto, a neighbour of the Managos, said everyone on the street was shocked and saddened, as per this report. “They’re such lovely neighbours and they’re very caring parents. It’s really sad,” she stated.

Both toddlers were put on life support machines. However, the Manago daughter passed away on Boxing Day and her brother died three days later. Apparently Fleur and husband Robert had just looked away for a brief moment when the drowning accident occurred. Though Managos’ neighbours spoke highly of the parents, the police are investigating how the twins got into the pool.

Continue reading to learn tips to keep your toddler safe from such accidents in swimming pools!

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