Is it a good idea to have a tummy tuck during a C-section?

Can you have a tummy tuck during C-section? Is it worth it when comparing recovery and costs? What are the pros and cons of this procedure?

For many women, having a tummy tuck during C-section sounds like a dream come true. They can have any extra skin removed and heal from both procedures at the same time. They are delighted at the thought of leaving the hospital with a tummy similar to the one they had before getting pregnant.

But as with everything that are too good to be true, this 2-for-1 "deal" has a catch to it. (A few, actually.)

Why you should think twice

1) Recovery

The first catch is the recovery process. Having a tummy tuck done during a C-section surgery can be invasive, so you will need to deal with the recovery of two procedures at once—on top of caring and bonding with your newborn all at the same time.

While you might think not having to go through two separate recovery processes will save you time in the long run, it's not that simple.

Your recovery time will be extended, and the process more complicated. Some women who get tummy tucks need to have drainage tubes changed every few hours. Can you handle all this additional work while caring for your baby?

2) You need two doctors

Ideally, you will need two doctors to perform a tummy tuck during C-section.

While an OB/GYN might say that he/she can easily do this procedure, one must take into account whether or not this person is board-certified, specialises in tummy tucks and has hours of experience. Just because someone can do something, it does not mean they should do it.

So the best case scenario would be to have two doctors carrying out the two separate procedures. But think, is a plastic surgeon going to want to come to the hospital to do a procedure that he usually does in his own clinic? Probably not.

3) Your body will change

After giving birth, your body will undergo drastic change in the next few months. Things are going to shrink, move and go away. It is likely that you will feel a lot different between now and when your baby is 6–12 months old. Who knows, maybe in that time, your body naturally will go back to as it was before pregnancy. Or maybe it won'’t—and then that will be the time you decide to go ahead with a tummy tuck.

Meanwhile, you should allow your body the time to completely heal and get back to its normal state before going on with any procedures. Having a tummy tuck during C-section is akin to driving to an unknown destination without a map. In other words, it’ is a blind deal.

Alternatives to a tummy tuck during C-section


Instead of getting a tummy tuck during C-section, you could always prevent the need for one in the first place. If you eat healthy, get plenty of exercise and don'’t allow yourself to gain too much weight too quickly during pregnancy, you will drastically lower the odds of needing any cosmetic work in the end.

When you take good care of your body before and after having baby, it will easily go back to looking the way it did before pregnancy.


If despite all your efforts to keep your weight under control, you still end up with extra skin, excess belly fat or an unsightly scar, you don'’t necessarily need a tummy tuck or any cosmetic procedures. Try accepting your body as it is. That scar might not be pretty, but it signifies what you have been through.

In 30 years, your looks are not going to matter as much as they do now. Love yourself, accept your body and cherish what it gave you: a family.


If you just know that you absolutely will not be able to tolerate your body after your C-section and believe that a tummy tuck is the only option for you, at least wait. Get it done later on down the road. Delay the surgery until your body is healed 100%. Wait until your baby is a little older and less dependent on you.


Above all else, make sure that you are done having children before doing a tummy tuck. It will all be in vain if you have more children after doing a tummy tuck. The money spent will be wasted. Personally, I would still recommend loving your body as it is.

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