Trying to conceive: “My partner’s sperm keeps leaking out after intercourse. Is this normal?”

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Does this affect your chances of getting pregnant?

Conceiving a baby doesn’t come easily to everyone, and if you’ve been trying for a while, it’s understandable that you would feel worried that you’re doing something wrong. Are you having too much sex? Not enough sex? Are the positions you’re having sex in ideal for conceiving? One anonymous ParentTown user asked something that many are probably curious about:


Is sperm leakage a problem?

“Try asking him to ejaculate deeper inside you as it increases the chance to reach your egg,” wrote Tresa L. “Or prop a pillow below your butt to prevent leakage.”

But the fact of the matter is, though it doesn’t hurt to elevate your hips after intercourse, it will make very little difference.

“I don’t think semen leaking out will have any much bearing on whether or not the sperm reaches the egg,” Idza B. responded. “A lot of couples practice withdrawal and still get pregnant. You know what they say, all that is needed is for one to get to the target.”

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