Try this one weird trick to get your child to eat their veggies!

Try this one weird trick to get your child to eat their veggies!

Tired of struggling to figure out how to get your kids to eat their veggies? Why not try this weird trick?

Throughout history, there's one thing that almost all parents have struggled with. And that's making their child eat vegetables.

Most parents find it really difficult to make their kids eat their veggies. Some parents even resort to sneaking vegetables in their child's favorite food, but somehow, some kids manage to pick out the vegetables so they avoid eating them!

But with this one weird trick, your vegetable woes might soon be over!

It's so simple, yet effective! Kids eat veggies with this tip

Charles Spence, a professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford might have just stumbled upon the discovery that might make life a little easier for parents all over the world.

During his research, he found out that high-pitched sounds, specifically that of wind chimes, could help encourage kids to eat their veggies.

"The idea with chirpy music such as wind chimes is that it contains the high-pitched musical notes that have been shown to bring out the sweetness in a food that contains a sweet note," he shares. He also added that for kids who are fussy eaters, they should be encouraged to play with their food.

Most kids don't like the taste of vegetables since they find them to be bitter or not as tasty as other foods.

Dr. Gemma Witcomb, a lecturer in psychology at Loughborough University says that this usually peaks at about 18-24 months when babies are more aware of the food that they taste. So it takes them some time to get used to eating veggies compared to other types of food.

Don't pressure kids into eating their food

Dr. Witcomb also adds that if you threaten your child in order to make them eat their food, or if you pressure them to eat, then they might dislike the food even more.

She shared that you should show your child that you're also eating the food that you're making them eat. It helps them understand that the food is safe to eat, and that it's something that they could try.

And make sure to not forget the wind chimes or any high-pitched music! it might actually help your kids finish their veggies for a change!

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