Truck slams into toddler while he was playing outside

An eyewitness claimed that he saw the three-year-old chasing a dog before the truck appeared and slammed into him

You may not know this but playing outside develops a child’s self-esteem. It also extends their personal horizon through a greater understanding of the world and people, enhances practical problem-solving skills and team work, enhances health, improve grades, and improve memory.

There is, however, a downside to this. Being outside exposes children to elements that parents have no control over, which renders them vulnerable to falls and injuries and accidents in general.

Due to lack of supervision, a West Yorkshire toddler died when an oncoming truck slammed into him while he was playing with a dog.

According to an eyewitness, his partner heard a loud bang that afternoon. The three-year-old boy. “I was talking to an old man who lived on the same street (Valley Road) who said that he was chasing a dog apparently,” he said.

The boy died on impact.

Guardians, then, have to make sure that whenever children are outside the confines of home, safety has to be the top priority.

Playing safe

Whether in a playground, a backyard or front porch, knowing these basic tips will help you safeguard children from the dangers of the great outdoors:

Never let children play outside unsupervised. Teach them not to play near or on the street. Teach them never to fetch toys by themselves if they roll down the street or driveway.  Routinely child-proof the outdoor play area: take out any garbage, sharp objects, tools and equipment.

Pedestrian safety

  • Never leave young children alone to play near parked or moving vehicles in driveways.
  • Separate your child’s play areas from driveways. For example, you could fence off the driveway or garage so your child can’t run towards it.
  • Always hold your child’s hand near cars, even if you’re just near your driveway or walking to the letterbox.
  • Check if your child stops, looks, listens and thinks before crossing the road.
  • Talk about road rules in simple terms walking and talking together with your child around the streets.
  • Make sure your child wears colours that are bright and easy to see.

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