Trick your kid into washing up

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You don’t really have to be a clean or neat freak to want your child to wash up. All mums know better that kids are just natural born mess-monsters. They can’t help it, they just are. So it is your duty to make them wash up after themselves. Here are some tips for you…

But let’s get serious here; frequent washing is important when it comes to steering clear from colds, flu and other viruses that might get your child sick. Oh and washing will prevent those gooey little fingers from getting chocolate fudge and finger paint on your pristine furniture.

So let’s get down and dirty…erm…get clean, we mean.

Tips to wash up

1. Make hand washing a habit – no ifs or buts. Children who get into a habit of washing their hands several times a day will feel uncomfortable if they forget and will seek to do it themselves. Be patient for training can take months or weeks if you are lucky.

2. Show a good example and your kid will look up to you as a role model. Practice what you preach. If you flee from the toilet without washing, your kid will feel that he/she can do the same.

3. Allow your kid to wash their hands as much as possible and you should be in charge of the final wipe.

4. Buy a step stool for your child and let him/her carry it to the sink to start the process. Then you can make a big fuss and show him/her of how proud you are of their “accomplishment”.

5. Keep portable wipes or a hand sanitizer for all the times you are not at home, for you will never know what dirty situation you might encounter.

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