Training hubby up in pregnancy reflexology

Training hubby up in pregnancy reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology helps in physical and emotional relief

Thanks to the dramatic changes that come with pregnancy, many women are left feeling like strangers in their own bodies. The change in weight and shift in posture can bring about a series of aches and cramps that begs for relief.

This is why complementary therapies like prenatal massages and reflexology are becoming increasingly popular as a means to sooth expecting mummies by not only providing physical, but emotional relief as well.

This fancy footwork will do wonders to alleviate those persistent aches and woes that are synonymous with growing a life inside you.

When an effort is put in to keep mummy comfortable and pampered, she will experience her pregnancy in the best possible way – an effort that is worth it for everyone, including the husband.

The baby is happy because he is growing in a harmonious environment, so how many more excuses do you need to train your husband in the wonderful benefits of pregnancy reflexology?

What is pregnancy reflexology?

Pregnancy reflexology works on the basis that your feet (and hands) are linked to all the organs in your body. By applying pressure to certain nerve endings primarily on the feet, it can relief a broad series of common ailments and pregnancy symptoms.

This pressure on key points allows blocked energy to flow freely, which in turn increases blood flow to the stimulated and corresponding body part. And aside from its many benefits, it feels really good too.

How to give a pregnancy reflexology massage

For all those expecting daddies who want to (and should) treat their wives to a relaxing pregnancy reflexology session, this is for you.

These steps are only basic and rudimentary at best, but should be sufficient to give you a good start. For more in depth detail on the pressure points, download a reflexology chart to work from.

For a feel-good relaxing massage, try the following points;

  • Massage one foot at a time. Rub a base oil over the entire area, and gently place on hand place your hand under the heel. Now gently stretch the foot up and down and rotate it in small circles to loosen up those muscles.
  • The joints of the little toes – Gently apply pressure to the joints of the toes. Your neck is represented here, and it is said to do wonders to relief tension in this area.
  • Between the second and big toe – Look for the point which is about a finger-width below the space between your big and second toe. The area will be quite sensitive, so be gentle.
  • Balls of the feet – The area bears a lot of weight, so be gentle. The entire upper body – heart, thymus, chest and lungs – corresponds to this pressure point.
  • The foot arch – This pressure point can be extremely tender, so start with slight pressure and increase it gradually. It is very effective in dealing with general aches and cramps.
  • Instep of the foot – Press on the non-weight bearing part of the foot to help sooth abdominal cramps.
  • Outer edges – These points corresponds to the extremities, so will soothe sore arms and legs.

You should always start gently and softly and gradually build your way for the duration of the massage. Do not apply extra pressure if the area is particularly painful.

Reflexology is extremely beneficial to healthy pregnancies, but experts advise against the practise if you are experiencing any complications, such as placenta previa or are at risk for pre-term labour. Before you indulge, make sure that you do get the go-ahead from your doctor.

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