Training dads for baby care

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Dads, are you struggling to keep up with the needs of your baby? Learn the basics of baby care while enjoying a fun day out with the family at Daddy's Bootcamp!

daddy's bootcamp

Daddy’s Bootcamp: Ready to learn the basics of baby care for dads?

Most parents find joy in watching their baby grow day by day, as they reach the essential milestones during the toddler years. But this can also be tiring and stressful for both mum and dad, as they try to meet the needs and demands of an active baby.

Dads who are looking to get a good head start towards this wonderful and exciting stage in life, be sure to look out for Daddy’s Boot Camp – a special parenting event brought to you by Thomson Medical Centre and Nestlé® NAN® GRO 3.

daddy's bootcamp

Great tips on baby care for dads! Have a fun day out with the family at Daddy’s Bootcamp.

Daddy’s Bootcamp

2nd August, Saturday

Compass Point (Next to Sengkang MRT)

10.30am to 9pm

Here are some great reasons why dads should head down to this ‘boot camp’ with the whole family:

Hands-on training on baby care

daddy's bootcamp

Top baby care tip for dads: Learn how to care for your baby!

Great news for dads who are clueless about handling the various tasks of baby care, or those who simply need a quick refresher course on caring for your baby. Here’s a chance for you to sneak in some practice at Daddy’s Bootcamp.

Learn from our experts on all things baby care such as diaper changing and dressing your baby. You’ll also get some advice on how to bond with your baby and help out with simple confinement meals for mum.

Baby and Daddy lookalike contest

What’s a Daddy boot camp without all the fun contests and stage games to take part in? Dads who think that their kids are like a mirror image of themselves can sign up for the ‘Father and Child lookalike contest’.

We’ll let the judges pick the closest-looking father-child team for this contest.

daddy's bootcamp

Dads, does your little one look exactly like you?

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