Top 3 weight-loss obstacles for mums

Top 3 weight-loss obstacles for mums

You have been doing everything right by the books but somehow the pounds are not leaving your side. We’ll tell you three weight-loss obstacles that you might not have considered.

There are so many diet options out there and you might have exhausted all your options and still – the stubborn weight is not going away. You have exercised, you have cut down your food intake and you are leading a healthy lifestyle. What’s missing? What are these weight loss obstacles? 


Weight-loss obstacles

Too much training is overkill

When training is excessive your body will not be able to recover. Your muscles, joints, adrenal glands (that helps control how your body responds to stressors) might be overworked. Remember, you are getting hit with stress from all sides—study, work, family life, relationships and pollution. All these factors can bring down your body’s defenses leading your body to shift to fat storage mode.

Do this:

Sleep better and eat better. Avoid processed foods and grains. Stay away from common allergens and stress contributors such as dairy or soy. Magnesium helps muscles to relax and your body manages stress better. Also, don’t exercise past 30 or 40 minutes.

Toxin overload

Yes, there is no such thing as leading a toxin-free life these days. So why are toxins toxic? In terms of fat burning efficiency, a body full of toxins will slow down your metabolism rate.

Tip: Try taking a few grams (3-4g) of amino acid glycine per day. It will help your body detoxify petrochemicals. Check your skin and hair care products for parabens and phthalates. Those might be disruptive to your hormonal system.

Keep track of everything

Record everything from your food intake to workout progress. Don’t leave anything out. In exercise, keep track so you don’t do too much or too little. In dieting cases, if you choose to reward yourself then write it down—so you won’t end up rewarding yourself too much for the progress you have made.

In terms of sleep, if you wake up un-refreshed then you should really look into your sleep patterns. You’re not getting enough of it. You need at least one night per week with absolutely undisrupted sleep.

Good luck!

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