Top 3 tips to make the most of your child’s screen time

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[Advertorial] Getting your child engaged with quality content they can learn from during screen time is easy. Read on to find out how. Sponsored by CBeebies Asia

3. Take the experience offline

Colouring sheets and more: engage your child in a non-screen environment

The value derived from screen time doesn’t have to be limited to using the gadget alone. In fact, your child learns more effectively from their screentime if you engage with them afterwards – offline. You could ask them about what they’ve learned from their favourite TV programme, and link what they’ve learned from their screentime to the tangible world.

For example, if the show talked about different colours, you could bring out a colouring book or print out a worksheet so that the knowledge your child picked up from the show is better retained.

CBeebies has worked towards taking this experience offline, so your child is equally engaged in a non-screen environment. offers free, easy-to-print colouring sheets and include fun options such as the ever-popular Hey Duggee Colouring in sheet.

Another great way to make your child’s work come to life is to try out the innovative CBeebies Colour Me app (available on the App Store and Google Play) that seamlessly merges online and offline experiences using your child’s actual paper colouring sheet!

If you’d like to try a more hands-on or arts and crafts activity, you can even make your own fun game with the handy Sarah and Duck magnetic duck pond that provides hours of fun for your little one.

There’s plenty more where that came from! You and your child can enjoy these shows, along with other age-appropriate quality content, on CBeebies today, available on StarHub (Channel 303) in Singapore and on HyppTV (Channel 553) in Malaysia.

CBeebies is a pre-school channel for children aged six years and under. CBeebies provides a range of pre-school programming designed to encourage learning through play in a consistently safe environment. The international CBeebies channel is commercial-free.

Offering quality entertainment options; online, on-the-go and off the screen, it is a great option for parents looking to use screen time sparingly.

Find out more from their website or simply download the BBC Player app to watch our programmes anytime, anywhere.

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