Top 3 reasons why I choose to give my kids Scott's DHA Gummies

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Busy parents that still want to ensure their child is getting optimal nutrition for brain development will be keen on Scott's DHA Gummies - find out why.

I’m pretty sure almost every parent, at some point, frets over whether their kids are getting sufficient nutrients in their daily food intake. At least I do!

I reckon it actually gets more difficult as your kids grow up, as they can get exposed by their peers and the media to all sorts of lollies, chocolates, sugary cereals, and junk food. It actually takes a pretty long term effort (and vigilance) to have children who eat well and have their full set of nutrients each day as they get older.

Because of this, I know quite a few parents who supplement the nutritional intake of their children with vitamins, like my husband and I. Scott’s DHA Gummies in Orange or Strawberry flavour were launched in Singapore last year and they’re working so so well for us!

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Most parenting tips encourage us to ensure that our kids get enough DHA/Omega-3 in their diet.

“DHA is a major building block of the brain. It is an important polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acid found in high levels in the brain and eyes. To support your child’s brain development and function, an adequate daily intake of DHA should be included as part of a balanced diet.”

How do we add DHA naturally in our kids’ diet? They are present in oily cold-water fish, like salmon or mackerel. It is also found in chicken and eggs, to name a few, but to a lesser extent. So we do have some DHA in our kids’ diet, but not everyday.

A serving (3 a day) of Scott’s DHA Gummies is packed with 40mg of DHA.

That’s impressive! As a bonus, it also contains Vitamin D, that is essential for healthy growth & development of bone in children and healthy immune function. So it’s a really easy choice for us to supplement our kids’ diet with it. It also really matters to me that this is by Scott’s, a long-time trusted brand.

So, here are the…

Top 3 reasons why I choose to give my kids Scott’s DHA Gummies:

1) CONVENIENCE for busy mums – it gives me peace of mind

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Our kids are pretty healthy eaters and enjoy their fatty fish, tofu, avocado, eggs, and veggies. So you’ll see a typical meal (above) is actually fairly decent nutrition-wise. But…. they don’t hit their recommended DHA intake every day (because it’s so hard to!). So giving them Scott’s Gummies daily makes me feel safe that they’re getting enough fatty essential oils for brain development.

2) AS A REWARD – they’re delicious!

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Have you smelled fish oil? It’s awful! I doubt any kid would take it willingly. But Scott’s DHA Gummies uses DHA microencapsulation technology which locks out the fishy smell and taste. This means they taste…. awesome. It also means my kids will willingly do as they’re told as I use these as a treat/reward for good behaviour. I prefer this than offering them chocolates and lollies, and they like the gummies the same if not more anyway! My only issue is that they whinge a bit that I limit them to 3 pieces a day :P

3) FUSS-FREE – easy for the home or when travelling

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The zip-lock sachet version has 15 Scott’s DHA Gummies (enough for 5 days) and is wonderful for kids who stay over at their grandparents’ place or when travelling. It’s a simple but highly effective idea, because I normally face the hassle of repacking the gummies into my own zip lock bag, or I don’t bother to bring any at all (I usually go with the latter – because I’m lazy!).

Hunter recently spent 2 weeks on holiday in Oslo, Norway, so the sachets were a pretty neat idea for him to pack into his luggage – which we did!

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For old schoolers, you’ll also recognise Scott’s Emulsion, probably from your own childhood. It’s made from cod liver oil, and contains Omega-3 fatty acids (DHA + EPA). Some kids may prefer the emulsion version, but mine tried the DHA gummies once they reached 5 years old and they preferred them since they’re so colourful and great tasting!

You can read more about Scott’s DHA Gummies on their website.

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….then watch your kid seize the day!


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