What you need to know about your child’s tonsillitis and tonsillitis treatment

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What do you know about tonsillitis? Read about its causes and treatment here.

tonsillitis treatment

Find out some useful information about tonsillitis in this article

“Mummy! My throat hurts!” How many times have you heard your child make this complaint, only to find out that your little one has tonsillitis?

Tonsillitis is a fairly common condition among children, especially if they are of preschool or school-going age.

But did you know what exactly this illness is and how you can ease your child’s discomfort at home if he has tonsillitis?

What is tonsillitis?

Right at the back of your throat are 2 small masses of tissue or glands called the tonsils. In young kids, the tonsils help fight germs, protecting the body from infections.

As a child’s immune system becomes stronger, the tonsils shrink in size and eventually, the body is able to fight infections without their help.

However, sometimes (and especially in kids), the tonsils get infected, becoming swollen and inflamed in the process.

When this happens, the infection is isolated within the tonsils, stopping it from spreading to the rest of the body. This condition is known as tonsillitis.


Tonsillitis may be painful or uncomfortable for your child. But it is usually nothing to worry too much about and you can easily bring about relief for your child with some simple remedies.

What causes tonsillitis?

Physicians agree that most of the time, tonsillitis is caused by a viral infection, specifically the viruses that cause the common cold or influenza.

However, sometimes the infection can be caused by bacteria, typically a strain called Group A Streptococcus bacteria. When this happens, the condition is commonly known as “strep throat”.

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