Toddler killed by parents as she was too negligent for their liking

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This gruesome murder of a four-year-old toddler will make you wince as the brutality inflicted on the child is gut-wrenching!

A couple was sentenced to death for beating and torturing their four-year-old daughter until she died. The brutality didn’t end with the baby’s death. Her body was then kept in a freezer for a week.

A court in Kuwait sentenced the couple, father, Salem Buhan, 26, and mother, Amira Hussain, 23, after it found them guilty of torturing their daughter to death.

Tortured till death then frozen

According to sources, the investigation department got a tip about a suspicious murder in a flat in the Salmiya area in Kuwait City. On searching the flat, investigators found a bag in the freezer. Here, they found the frozen body of a young girl. The child was brutally murdered in front of her three younger siblings.

Forensic doctors revealed that the body had burns on the shoulders and feet, says a report. Salem eventually confessed that he scalded her with hot water and beat her with an electrical wire for her negligence. He added that when he saw her deteriorating condition, he went down to a pharmacy for medicine, but she passed away.

Parents under the influence of narcotics

Further investigations revealed that both Salem and Amira were under the influence of drugs. Further, Salem had been fired from work for showing up in an abnormal state. The parents were said to be extremely negligent in the upbringing of their children.

To make matters worse, the flat was disorganised and dirty. A statement issued by the interior ministry said that both parents were on drugs at the time of the murder.

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