Toddler choked on chicken nugget, but instead of helping, other diners filmed her

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"I am disgusted that people recorded such a traumatic incident while my mam and Millie were suffering such an awful ordeal.”

Three-year-old Millie Wise was with her grandmother Sandra Longmoor at a McDonalds in Middleton Grange shopping centre in Hartlepool, Teesside when the incident happened.

According to a Mirror report, while eating a chicken nugget, Millie choked on it and began convulsing. Eventually the tot lost consciousness.

Instead of rushing to the toddler’s aid, however, other diners at the restaurant whipped out their smartphones and began filming her.

Sandra started screaming for help then, but the staff at the McDonalds failed to clear the blockage in the tot’s throat.

Thankfully, Steve Dawking, Middleton Grange’s emergency first aider was immediately alerted and quickly found Millie.

According to the Mirror report, Steve was able to dislodge the piece of nugget by leaning Millie forward and slapping her hard on the back.

“When I arrived Millie was past the choking stage and was unconscious,” he recalled. “I leaned her over and slapped her on the back four times.

“There was still no response.

“I had one last chance to remove the blockage. I slapped her with as much power as I could given she is a small child.”

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