Toddler asks Kim Kardashian what we all want to know: “Why are you famous?”

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Oh no he didn’t!

Hey Kim Kardashian, would you like some cream for that burn? The reality star and social media queen shared a clip on Snapchat that showed parts of a conversation with a toddler called Sid. The budding child journalist, the son of one of Kim’s friends, began with a softball question.

Sid: Why are you on the cover of magazines?
Kim: I dunno, because I like magazines.

Sid didn’t stop there, but pressed on, determined to find out the source of this lady’s fame. Alas, the kid didn’t get the answers he was looking for. Kim, ever the pro, dodged his questions sweetly and carefully:

Sid: Are you famous?
Kim: Am I famous? I don’t like to use that term.
Sid: How are you famous?
Kim: How am I famous? That’s up for question too.

Watch the whole thing here:

Read on to see how Kim responds to her haters.

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