Tips to better the air quality at home

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Besides buying an air purifier, have a look at 5 other tips to maintain clean air at home.

1. To improve the air quality of your house even further, clean your house on a regular basis. Vacuuming is also important in removing particles around the house.

2. If there are smokers in the family, he or she should smoke outdoors and away from the house, because second-hand smoke may worsen respiratory illnesses.

3. Using exhaust fans is also important in preventing the smoke from irritating the lungs or throat.

4. During the haze, it is advisable to turn on your air-conditioning because it helps filter out the pollutants, and still provide sufficient air for your home.

5. Also, try out the water air purifier. Although it is not as effective in reducing small particles like the normal ones, it is recommended for removing microorganisms in the air. Furthermore, essential oils may be added for your general well-being. For more information on the water air purifier, refer to the Pure Essentials website.